Although we are strangers
Both of us had
Sometimes have lost.

Determined to win
To overcome our shortcomings in life
We don’t give up.

Your obstacles are different from mine
I know how you feel
Sometimes it hurts.

You and I have a special style
No one can change
It is all we can offer.

People have let you through
You have shown you are capable
Some understand, some don’t.

Oh sure, they love you
I love you more
Some reasons are the same, some are different.

Together we have fought our obstacles
Together we have won
Together in spirit, winners we will always be.
Written 9.26.83
Wrote this after seeing Mr. Tillis in concert
Sent it to him, he responded
We corresponded for ten years
Saw him in concert three times
We met in 1990



To my prayers
When I pray
Hear my soul speak.

I cry
Look beyond my tears
Hear my soul speak.

My heart beats
Love for you
Hear my soul speak.

The words
I write
Read between the lines
Hear my soul speak.
Written 11.8.17